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"This is baby's favorite book!"Feedback from the United States

"This has been my daughter's favourite book since she was 4 months old. The sentences are nice and short so she doesn't lose interest in the pictures while I'm reading each page."Feedback from the UK

"Muito legal esse livro. Singelo, divertido e relacionado ao universo da criança. Bom pra desenvolver o vocabulário. As ilustrações são lindas. Meu filho adorou."Feedback from Brazil


"You are small or big depending on with what you relate to. A simple cute book which exactly portrays this message."Feedback from India

"Muy buen libro infantil. Dinámico, orgánico, perfecto para aprender en romaji. De fácil lectura y con una protagonista realmente encantadora"Feedback from Mexico

"Beautifully illustrated and cleverly written."Feedback from Australia

"We are in love with this book!"Feedback from the United States

"Written in a very simple way but with a profound message for both adults and kids."Feedback from the United States

"Whenever I have time to read to her, she wants this book. And she repeats words. That's insanely cute."Feedback from Canada


"Mia figlia di due anni e mezzo è entusiasta dei disegni bellissimi e dei colori. Apprezza anche le vicende di una bimba nè grande nè piccola ma giusta così."Feedback from Italy

"My three year olds love it and the story's concept will grow with them for several years to come making it a keeper."Feedback from the U.S.

"A nuestra hija le ha encantado. [...] Estamos muy satisfechos con la compra."Feedback from Spain

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Om forfatteren

Philipp B. Winterberg M.A. har læst kommunikationsvidenskab, psykologi og jura. Han bor i Berlin og elsker at være alsidig: Han har lavet faldskærmsudspring i Namibia, mediteret i Thailand og svømmet med hajer og pilrokker i Fiji og Polynesien.

Philipp Winterbergs bøger introducerer nye perspektiver af vigtige emner som venskab, mindfulness og lykke. De læses på alverdens sprog og i alverdens lande.


"I got this book to read with my granddaughters, one from the US and one from Portugal. It is so incredibly cute! They loved it, and I did too. I highly recommend this book!"Feedback from the U.S.

"Ce petit livre est tout ce que j'aime !!! Le graphisme, les couleurs, tout y est magnifiquement soigné, poétique et charmant !!! [...] Une merveille de beauté et de magie à ne pas louper !!!"Feedback from France

"My little boy loves this as a bedtime story. It's colourful and quirky. [...] I thought it would be uninteresting to a child, to be read to in another language, but he asks for 'Bin ich klein' and it melts my heart!"Feedback from the United Kingdom

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En verdensbørnebog for alle planetens lande

Fra aramæisk til zulu: Siden udgivelsen er billedbogen ”Er jeg lille?” blevet oversat til 200 sprog og dialekter.

Philipp Winterbergs historie fås i alle verdens lande på mindst et af de nationale sprog. Den er verdens første børnebog, der dækker hele kloden.

I ”Er jeg lille?” følger unge og gamle læsere med den lille pige Tamia på en rejse fuld af vidundere. Sammen opdager de, at størrelse er relativ, og at Tamia har lige den rigtige størrelse, sådan som hun er. ”Fortryllende” dømmer fagbladet Eselsohr, ”Vidunderligt for tosprogede familier og børnehaver”, siger Börsenblatt, mens boganmeldelsesmagasinet Kirkus Reviews venligt komplimenterer ”for børn der nyder at dvæle over sider fulde af magiske skabninger og kuriøse detaljer [...] fortalt i enkle og engagerende ord og fantasifulde billeder.” Læs mere


"This is done with simplicity at its finest. The art is whimsical, the message is clear and most of all my grandson loves it. I would recommend this book to any child provider as part of their reading library."Feedback from the U.S.

"I got this book when my daughter was 3 years old. I used to read it for her in English and Arabic. Now, she's 6 and still loves this book."Feedback from the United States